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About The Artist

Even before the days iMacs were transparent, Mat Poprocki was creating art. As the first things he painted, sold; he went on to work for ad agencies and start ups. He has been commissioned by clients such as Target and Pepsi and has designed logos that can be found around the world.

How Does This work?

Step 1: Pick out a brand and buy it with a PayPal account or Credit Card!
Step 2: If you don't already have an account with a domain registrar, we recommend creating an account at but any provider will do.
Step 3: We will contact you with the secret code! You will put this code into your account and the domain registrar will transfer over the domain into your ownership!


Why are your Domains priced so cheap compared to other reseller websites?

When you buy from BOOMtrendy you are buying directly from the Artist who created them. This means there are no extra fees that burn up and go to the middle man. Ultimately saving you money, and increasing our chances of selling the brand. Look, we are going to be honest with you, we want to sell our domains, and we want you to actually use these brands and make amazing projects out of them. BOOMtrendy is not a bot grabbing up thousands of domains and holding them at ransom for thousands and thousands of dollars. We are real people that really loves to do this, and we want to continue to do it more often! The more you buy, the more brands we can continue to make!


How do you come up with these oddly unique brands?

While other companies simply buy up everything their computer programs can find, the Artist behind BOOMtrendy spends hours and hours brainstorming with his HUMAN mind dreaming up what he thinks would be really cool to see in the world, endlessly searching and hitting submit over and over again until he finds something that makes his face grin! Does a logo idea pop into his head? Can this easily be seen as a real company that will be useful? Is the value appraised over $1,000? Yes?! Then BOOM! The trendy brand is born.


Why don't I just find my own domain and design the logo myself?

You can! Although domains are extremely limited and highly valued digital assets; there are still plenty of domains left out there to find. But that is the thing, you have to find them! And that is what we love doing, so we can't tell you that you can't! However, after you give this a shot yourself, you may just realize why our Brands are so valuable and how much a deal you will be getting buying from us. Also, keep in mind, that you don't only get an uniquely brandable domain that is hard to find, you also get a kick-ass logo design with some banging business ideas, and we think that is worth some money!


Do you accept Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Yes! Contact us for details.


I am an investor and want to buy all of your domains, can I get a discount if I buy them in bulk?

Absolutely! Current deal stands: Buy 3 save $300, Buy 5 save $500. Contact us for a custom quote.


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