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Goth, Gothic, Gothgirl, Gothboy, Emo, Alternative, Grunge, Metal, Scene, Punk, Dark, NuGoth, Fashion, Nightlife, Clubs, Raves, Festival, Piercings, Futuristic, Cyber, Shopping, Clothing, Gear, Accessories, Hair Dye

What You Get

Domain name
Logo Design Files

Why is this Valuable?

Short: Only 5 Letters!
Great extension: Uses the .com extension.

Comparable Domain Names

  • sold for $23,780
  • sold for $8,500
  • sold for $2,550


* information gathered from the world's #1 domain name registrar on 03/6/2021 to verify appraisal information please click here.


Ideas for Bgoth

  • Storefront
  • Beauty Supply
  • Music Label
  • Fashion Blog

Estimated Value: $1,237*




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